lørdag den 28. april 2012

Zentangle kage

Uhm søde Lisbeth har bagt og pyntet en fin kage til mig:

Og den smagte skønt :-)

torsdag den 26. april 2012

Weekly Zentangle challenge #67

This week the Divas challenge is a celebration of the earth day - which is not a concept I have heard about before, so maybe it's mainly American??

Anyway by the prompt 'earth' my mind went completely blank and I had absolutely no idea what to make. But a little time went and ideas started popping in my mind - also helped along by fellow-challengers. Finally I decided on having the inside of the globe as sort of string - concentric circles represent the different layers of earth with the hot burning center. Around the rings a couple of earthy-things like mountains, flowers and trees. And I couldn't help but put in the snake from paradise :-)

I love this piece. It may not be the most beautiful/zentangle-ish thing, but the process of making it - and I spend severel days - first all the patterns and then the coloring - was really meaningful to me. And I like that.

The final result:

søndag den 22. april 2012

Zendala Dare #2

This week Erin Olssons Zendala dare fit my mind perfectly. Looking at the template once and I already had a zilion ideas for patterns to fill it with. But as it often happens when you tangle, the final result is quite different from what I imagined - but in a good way. I did stuck though to my first thought - that was to use Pystyl (heads) for the border - seems appropriate to honor Erins beautiful pattern to thank her for making all these great templates for us to have fun with.

Being a very result oriented person I don't alway manage to relax when I'm tangling, but with the zendalas I find it easier due to the many repeats of the same patterns. When doing the border I almost dozed off (with little mistakes as result...).

But here you go - Zendala Dare #2 - Pystyl dreams:

torsdag den 19. april 2012

Zendala Dare #1

Being new to the world of zentangle I love these challenges  - they make sure that I keep developing and try out new things. And the amount of inspirations is unmeassurable.

This time I found Erins Zendala Dare which is whole new and I am in on it from the start - yeah!

I found it quite hard to deside on which tangles to use and ended up keeping it simply. First I thought it would turn out very boring - but after working with it for a while and especially after the shading, my husbond exclaims that it looked very deep and alive - and I think he's right! But judge for your selves:

Photographed in sunlight (Iphone):

Photographed in lamplight at night (Iphone)

Thank you, Erin, for this Dare - I'm already looking forward to next weeks dare.

tirsdag den 17. april 2012

Weekly zentangle challenge #66

The Diva's challenge this week is called Laura's aura. So auras' here we come :-)

First a bigger crazy piece worked in my notebook (A5 size). I was inspired by my newly purchased 'Totally Tangled'.

Second my first real Zentangle-tile - just received my starter kit :-). This one turned out quite cute, but I needed some black auras for balance.

I didn't know how big a diffence it would make, but I really like working within the smaller space of the tile and the color of the paper makes the black stand out really nice - not so visible in pictures but in real life it looks really sharp.

fredag den 6. april 2012

Zentangle Weekly Challenge #65

This week the Diva's challenge was to use the pattern called Huggy Bear by JJ LaBarbera.

I'm not really sure what happened. Think I'm in some sort of crisis where my works turn out weird. But I'm still having fun, and I guess that's what counts.

First attemt: I couldn't stay within the frame and it looked really strange untill I turned the page and made a hard frame on 3 of the sides. Now I think it looks like an explosion.

Second: This time I kept it really simple and I really like the Huggy Bear turned out.

Third: I have no excuse for this one. I was thinking teddy bear when making the string but something else happened. Believe me: this may not be beatiful but I was really having loads of fun doing. This piece is called: "This is not an owl".

Hope you enjoyed the show. And a million thanks for the sweet comments last week!